Alex Beard

"If You're Not Laughing, You're Not Leading"

Who's Alex?

Alex Beard is an actor, director, and teaching artist based out of Chicago, IL. As a former employee of the Walt Disney Company he provides premier corporate training in Business Leadership, Customer Relations, and Creative Entertainment Show Production. With expertise in improvisational theatre, Alex has leveraged the power of collaboration, uncertainty, and creativity to empower leaders across the country in discovering their own innate ability to implement positive and equitable change.

What Alex Offers:

Alex utilizes the key tenets of improvisational theatre to enhance collaborative efforts. He offers customized one-on-one experiences, group workshops, and keynote speeches focused on your organization’s specific needs. This engaging experience can be implemented to mediate conflict, develop collaborative workflows, discern & remedy leadership shortcomings, and boost creative problem solving in the workplace and at home!

What is Improvisational Theatre or "Improv" anyway? Improv is the simple and innovative act of creating something (words, physical movement, etc.) from nothing (no preparation, instructions, or script). This is all done live onstage through the power of listening, body language recognition, agreement, and bold decision making.

So how can improv help me and my business? Every day, we are thrust into situations that require quick thinking and immediate decision making. Unfortunately, many of us have innate patterns of logical problem-solving that limit our ability to see all of the possible solutions to a single problem. Improv can be utilized to expose these flawed patterns, forcing us to develop skills of creative collaboration which allows for more effective leadership, and most importantly, guiding better decision making.

His Values:

Alex firmly believes that everyone has the power to lead. Poor training, societal pressure, and impostor syndrome often get in the way of success leading to poor decision making and, in turn, poor leadership. Click below to find out more...

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