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What Alex Offers

Alex has an extensive menu of workshops and keynote speeches that he would be happy to share with you or your executive team. Below you will find a few examples of sessions he has provided this year to various corporations and non-profit organizations.

The Art of Yes: Improvisation for Volunteer Managers: "The Art of Yes" at its core is the mindset of teamwork and collaboration. In life we often approach things in black and white terms, "Yes" or "No." Subsequently, each choice has a profound impact on the climate of your organization and the volunteers that support your mission. Through "The Art of Yes" we'll break down the decision-making process and push ourselves forward through creativity and spontaneity. Empathy, awareness, inclusion, flexibility, authenticity, connection, trust, and emotional intelligence are all factors that are explored and enhanced through improvisation. Come say “Yes!”

The Power of Listening - Fostering Equitable Change Through Clear Communication: Vanilla Ice got the order wrong when he said, "Stop, collaborate, and listen!" Through this workshop you'll learn to stop, listen, and then empower through collaboration! We'll explore hands-on exercises to demonstrate the importance of active listening i.e. "listening to understand,” recognize traps in the change management process, and delve into new techniques to foster a previously unheard-of level of equity among staff.

You Don't Have Problems, You Have Opportunities: Each day we are confronted with problems at work, at home, and/or in our communities. How we approach these moments can make or break relationships and trust, but more importantly these moments define our success and personal wellbeing. Most of us are not born with the automatic capacity to look at issues with a “glass half full” mentality however, with a few key exercises we can begin to train ourselves to look at issues and problems as what they really are: opportunities. Clear your mind, get creative, move your body, laugh, and think outside the box in this hands-on workshop where you will learn the skills to break down your problems and turn them into opportunities for success.

Leading the Millennial Workforce: Let's face it...we're all not getting any younger! In this workshop you'll learn to stop playing catch-up with employment fads and gimmicks in an attempt to attract, relate to, or retain today's millennial workforce, and start focusing on what really gets their attention...acknowledgment! Through proper action planning and communication structure any organization can attract and retain a millennial workforce on a shoestring budget. They might LIKE to play pinball in the break-room but they NEED to be heard and recognized. Disclosure: Alex is a Millennial; Foosball tables and a snack-room are NOT required at hosted workshops.

Didn't See What You We're Looking For?

Alex has been facilitating leadership and team building programs for all ages and occupations. If you are currently facing an issue in the workplace or at home, Alex would be happy to suggest or create a custom workshop or keynote offering that could assist you or your team! It doesn't cost anything to connect and share your story, Alex is here to help.

Alex teaching the foundations of leadership through hands-on activities.
Alex presenting at LoCo ImprovFest.
Getting creative teaching team-building on the streets of NYC in the snow!

“Alex was great and I loved his energy from day one. He pushed me outside my comfort zone and made me address my weaknesses and crutches. I really appreciated that.”

Ryan C.

“Alex helped me grow as a leader, where there was any inkling of selfdoubt, or feelings of being an imposter, I now stand strong knowing I'm here for a reason and that people want to listen”

Alice L.

"Great people do things before they're ready...

They do things before they know they can do it. Doing what you're afraid of, getting out of your comfort zone, taking risks like that...that's what life is." - Amy Poehler