Alex's Values

We Don't Have Problems, We Have Opportunities

Life constantly presents us with a myriad of problems to be solved on a daily basis, some much more taxing emotionally, spiritually, or financially than others. Frequently we are forced to make snap judgements in the face of difficult or pressing concerns. How we approach our issues, or the lack of approach, can create a devastating impact on an individual’s psyche, familial or team relationships, and life trajectory. If you or someone you know has ever felt "stuck" or buried by problems, Alex can help by workshopping techniques and running exercises designed to alter a person’s thought process, and see the problems for what they really are-opportunities.

We Are Our Worst Critic

Often, we are our own worst critic. When we make mistakes, we tend to relive those moments in our minds. By nitpicking on our past transgressions, failures, or flaws, we create negative thought loops. We do this in the hope that the next time we are presented with the same problem we will respond differently. Recognizing these thought loops as an ineffective means to problem solving will clear a path for successful situation analysis, future threat matrix building, and personal growth. Everyone’s a critic, let Alex teach you how to filter out your own worst enemy.

In Relationships, Time Is of the Essence

In life, and in improv, the only person we have control over is ourselves. Don't let past transgressions, poor decision making, or lack of leadership permanently alter a person’s view of your character. Time is of the essence, learn how to show your tenacity and commitment for positive change today!

Change Is Possible

People who say, "some things never change" have never explored the power of improv. By teaching improv's key tenets of open and active listening, acceptance, and agreement everyone has the power to be a more effective leader. Laugh, let off the reigns, and promote equitable change both at home and in the workplace. Remember: if we listen to act, we have failed to listen to understand.